Business Presentation

A demand for visualizing our business concepts and services onto the timeline of motion graphics requires a completely new approach to traditional slide presentation. It calls for one’s creativity, originality of ideas and the ability to conceptualized scripts that translate enterprise’s objectives and results into visual communication, and is seen by business and almost all segments of our economy as beneficial if not increasingly vital.

As such, producing a good corporate presentation film on a small budget was part of our attempt to explore, test and promote new ways of creating good quality, film-style documentaries at very low cost. Our video was conceived for this purpose specifically, but it is also the by-product of the creator observing motion graphics technology, and asking the right question at the right time.

We are very proud to have animated and composited the opening title sequence for the most recent business presentation for STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd. Conceived by writer/director James Chung, the titles recall the look of cyber age high impact and information driven of the 90s and 21st century. Transitions between the flashback scenes include animated backdrop that at times resemble The Matrix code; at other times, shards of glass or water wave. Technically, the entire ten-minute sequence was kept inside the DV color space and broadcast format, consuming well over 10 gigabytes of disk space. We believe it is the longest title sequence we’ve created to date using desktop computers.

Corporate Video

We created high impact graphics overlay on the original video footage shot gives the final video a complex look. This positive, powerful piece uses bold colors, delicate graphics and heartbeat-like rhythms to create a motivational, achievement-oriented video. It’s perfect for corporate identity, awards presentation and corporate MTV. This cut’s throbbing beat lends an electric quality. It echoes the power of technology, computers and progress. A subtle, industrial-like drive and unexpected twists give this piece its mechanical power.

Most project started in response to a rising chorus of frustration over the skyrocketing cost of mainstream professional documentary production. We experiment with very inexpensive video production with high-end look. The idea is not to make all documentaries more cheaply. We are looking for those few video production methods and visual effects that naturally lend themselves to very low cost production with high qualities.

In this redesign of computer generated animation, the primetime promotional end caps are filled with props and 3D shapes. The basis for the animation was a series of R&D experiments with auto-animating particle system and polygons/NURBS, hit from a number angles with different-colored lights. Different colored light rays were also added, overlapping to create a film effect. Futuristic and dramatic, this evocative composition is a perfect complement to scenes of new frontiers, novel discoveries, and the challenges of the next century.

Wedding Montage

We were hired to do some of the initial photo montage design for the wedding couple, including opening sequences for several of their dinner highlights. One example is Our Love Story, where an individual recalls their own personal life, from childhood, engagement to the wedding day. diFilm Pixel Works founder James Chung’s background is in typography, which he employed to great extend in this opening title sequence showing the many different forms of romantic and emotions a person may encounter in their life. The background is pre-rendered CGI, enhancing the personal feelings or confessions mood of the piece; the photos itself moves on multiple planes and is visible just through imaginary windows, showing how we try to keep all these compositions and emotions inside. A sparkling variety of percussion instruments complement the busy acoustic music, creating an exciting crescendo of positive feelings, resourcefulness, and motivation.

Your Next Business Opportunities

diFilm Pixel Works
has identified and predicted an increased demand for five customer groups to target for its video-related services. They are life-long learning, health, businesses and finances, home and leisure.

The video industry currently serves indirectly to the above mentioned services either by helping them to promote their products better or offer services that enhances their operations. Increasingly, as we move toward a knowledge based economy where majority of ‘products’ are services, providing one stop solution to customers is becoming one of the most important aspects of our business.

As competition by others to offer similar services becomes more compelling, it is diFilm interest to master the best in technology in motion pictures industry to stay ahead of rivalry. We envision continued growth in video services to corporate and business conference presentations, which requires many of the video elements be customized.

With the advent of advances in desktop publishing and computing power into the microcomputing world, diFilm foresees a lower cost of production with an expansion of integration of technologies with video related equipment being more affordable to the prosumer level.